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Finished Fencing Project

Grove Finished Fencing

Grove Finished Fencing Project







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Customer Brief for Project

With most fencing jobs customers like peace of mind that the fence will not be down for any long periods of time compromising security.

With this customer he wished for this project to be complete in a day! 

The property is a terraced street house with a shared back alley and locked gates at each end.

In the rear yard of the property there was a 4 x 1.2m brick flower bed that had been there for many years but was in poor condition assisting causing the rotten fence to fall over.

EPS removed the old fence and using a small excavator and dumper we dug the old flower bed area out and loaded into a skip at the top of the alley.

The new fence posts were secured with fast setting compound, the rear excavated yard was then concreted with float finish and an extra high 2.25m high fence erected and new gate fitted.

This was all done in 1 day as promised!

Mr Wilson Testimonial

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